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Riosol Hotel

Island of Stars

Island of Stars – VIP Area

Here you will enter a world full of relaxing and pleasant sensations. A world defined by our ample and comfortable space, designed for the perfect enjoyment of sun, sea, and blue sky.

Among our services is to assign you a hammock, offer you a towel, and help you choose the 2 drinks included. Always with a smile, our staff will offer you a personalized service. And at the end of the day, you will enjoy one of our spectacular sunsets, framed by the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. All these, while being enticed to dream by our mesmerizing views, selected music, the muttering breeze, and the bubbling sound of the swimming pool.

The magic of our VIP area is completed by a selected carte of cocktails, spirits, and the good champagne served by our excellent staff.

Here everything is designed for you to be the brightest star.

ISLAND OF STARS opening hours: from 10:00 am till 06:00 pm

The entrance fee includes hammock, pool towel, wifi, and two drinks, to choose between water, soft drink, wine, beer, cocktails or mixed drinks from our menu.


€30 per person.

€25 for guests accommodated in Hotel Riosol